World 3 is about many things but, fundamentally, it is a space about how to use space to communicate. In it you'll find the thinking and experiments of some of the brightest hypermedia theorists and practitioners on the Internet. The World Wide Web marries the young technologies of the Internet and hypermedia - a global network and the ability to build linked structures of information of many kinds. The potential of hypermedia is enormous: it is capable of generating connections which could lead to richer communication than any other available tool, and there is a powerful synergy between hypermedia and the Internet. As the medium matures, the emphasis moves from technology to creativity. Artists, poets, designers, and many others are starting to explore the possibilities; companies are beginning to use the medium to project images of themselves, their products and services. Anybody can jump into the Internet and anyone can use hypermedia. Contributors to World 3 have one thing in common, whatever their various objectives: a concern about using the new medium eloquently. Visitors to the space can share their speculations and explorations.

World 3 is made possible by
the good graces and humor
of scribble, good folks providing a place for good things.

And above all, Paul Sidlo!

Curatorship by Nick Routledge.