michael joyce

Michael Joyce's hypertext novel, afternoon, has been called "the granddaddy of hypertext fictions... a legend" (The New York Times) and "to the hypertext...interactive novel what the Gutenberg bible is to publishing" (The Toronto Globe and Mail). He is currently Visiting Associate Professor of English and the Library at Vassar College where in previous years he has been Randolph Distingished Visiting Professor and Pew Visiting Professor of Hypertext Media, Technology and Culture.

nick routledge

When not lurking around the corridors at ??, Nick Routledge makes a living consulting to companies more confused than he about the business of internetworked hypermedia.

Of late he helped kick off the National Information Infostructure Awards program with the gutsy, talented and visionary: Jim Hake, Frank Crivello, Scott Bascon and Bruce Eames at Access Media in Santa Monica, CA (current corporate sponsors include: AT&T, Sun Microsystems, Lotus, US West, Price Waterhouse, IBM, Intel, Alcatel, Fujitsu, and the United States Postal Service); co-founded the National Computer Ethics & Responsibilities Campaign (launch sponsors included Merill Lynch, Monsanto, Symantec, Software Creations, Atterbury Foundation, Boston Computer Society, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, CompuServe, National Computer Security Association, BSA, SPA, Computing Technology Industry Association, EPIC, Ziff-Davis and the Computer Ethics Institute - for more details please contact Dr. Peter Tippett ( at NCSA, or Patrick Sullivan ( at the Computer Ethics Institute; conceived and placed the website for the Save the Earth Artrock Auction; conceived and curates World 3.

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