May, 1996

The Craft

The Craft is a World 3 resource for Chris Tacy's Netscape Web developer newsletter Off The Net. What's it about? Check out The State of Cyberspace: January 1st, 1996.


Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the leading global supplier of internetworking solutions, including routers, LAN and ATM switches, dial-up access servers, and network management software. We have been doing business over the Internet since our inception, 10 years ago. As a company, we value greatly the power of the Internet as a communications and product delivery vehicle. Cisco has several positions available in this exciting field:


Cisco is looking for a highly-motivated, experienced, senior Webmaster who excels in a fast-paced environment and who wishes to be a leader in electronic commerce delivery. Responsibilities include:

This person will not create or management content; it is strictly tools/technology oriented. Experience with Netscape Commerce Server, Unix, Shell, C, Perl, HTML, and CGI programming required. Oracle, Verity Topic, Java, and CyberCash experience a plus.

Web Tools Engineer

This engineer will be responsible for the evaluation and deployment of advanced tools and technologies in support of WWW Internet commerce. The candidate will be responsible for all areas of World Wide Web development including tool evaluations/pilots, Web development (Java, CGI, etc), architecture definition and internal consulting support. Responsibilities include:

Experience with Netscape Commerce Server and programming in C, Perl, HTML, Unix and CGI required. Candidate should have broad commercial tools experience.

To Apply for these Positions

Please fax your resumes to Janel Canepa at 408-526-8600 and send an e-mail version (referencing the fax to Janel) to Please reference this WWW posting in your fax and e-mail. Join Cisco, the world's Internetworking leader!


Channel Engineer

HotWired is looking for creative programmers interested in adding interactivity to our content areas. We are especially looking for people who would like to work on Adrenaline, our alternative sports section, Signal, our news section, and a few other developing areas. Knowledge and experience coding in Perl and C in the Unix environment are required. Most programming will be in the CGI environment, so knowledge of CGI 1.1 is something we'd find useful. Experience with Perl 5, Irix, SQL (especially Sybase), and Java is also a plus.

Channel Research and Development Engineer

HotWired is looking for creative programmers interested in joining our channel engineering research and development team. Members of the R&D team develop the software for new sections of HotWired, and introduce new technologies to already existing sections. Knowledge and experience coding in Perl and C in the Unix environment are required. Most programming will be in the CGI environment, so knowledge of CGI 1.1 is something we'd find useful. Experience with Perl 5, Irix, SQL (especially Sybase), and Java is also a plus.

If you would like to apply to either position, or would like more i nformation, please email


Presence is one of the West Coast's hottest web design shops. Biz is great and we're hiring talented web designers! Current openings include:

E-mail your resume to: (we accept resumes in text, HTML, and PostScript). Be sure to include your home page URL and URLs of other pages you've created.


CondeNet, the new media organization of Conde Nast Publications (Vogue, Details, Allure, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Traveler, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, etc) in New York City, needs well-rounded Internet professionals to serve as a Web-site programmers/developers (CGI, Java, HTML, etc). Our current web sites include and

Candidates must be responsible, exhibit extensive technical skills, and work well with others.

Please email (or mail) a detailed resume, salary requirements, and on-line portfolio (URLs) to:, referencing this Web posting.

Wendell Lansford
Director of Technology
140 E 45th, 37th floor
New York, NY 10017

I | O 360 digital

I | O 360 digital is a design shop located on Manhattan - design hub of the universe, despite what all you west coasties think. We're always looking for good talent and sharp minds. Our present preoccupation is interaction design: computer-human interface design online and offline, effects for video and film, web design and programming, and a little left-of-center research and development. We're looking for:

Please send all inquiries to referencing this Web posting. Our web -

Poppe Tyson

Recently voted "Agency of the Year", Poppe Tyson's division ( is looking for the net's most talented web developers and artists to help create some of the coolest sites on the Web.

Open positions at NYC include:

If you are highly creative and want to be on the cutting edge of Web development email your resume and URLs of your work to:, referencing this Web posting.

New Media Designs

We are forming a new WWW consulting company in the Denver CO area. We are looking for experienced WWW, HTML, CGI, etc. software developers.

The initial position to be filled is that of Chief Technologist. This individual will be responsible for all areas of technical decision making with respect to:Network Access,Host Computer Hardware,Server Software,Information Content and Structure,Ongoing Maintenance, andAdvanced Features.

The initial employment relationship is negotiable and can be set up with the individual starting in the role of a contractor and moving into one as a full employee of the company.The individual selected will have extensive experience in:UNIX developmentC/C++ knowledge/experiencedatabase development (SQL/Relational and/or Object Database systems)World-Wide-Web/HTML/HTTP Protocol.

Our company will provide high-level expertise in WorldWideWeb site development, and database design. It will focus initially on providing a sales and marketing presence for companies on the Internet focusing on five key areas:

  1. a creative, differentiating Internet presence
  2. high-level programming functions within their Web site
  3. complex database capabilities within their Web site
  4. multimedia capabilities within their Web site
  5. graphics design capabilities for their Web site

The individual selected will be responsible for:Creative input to design processSQL Database development ScriptingC/C++ programmingDevelopment of re-usable tools for Web contentDevelopment of back-end GUI content maintenance tools.

Time frame to begin: IMMEDIATELY.PLEASE, NO Consulting or Headhunting Agencies.

If you're interested, please email Greg Kinney with your portfolio and WWW experience, referencing this Web posting.

Communities in Partnership

HTML/CGI Programmer

Communities in Partnership is a substance abuse prevention grant currently building a shared database for human service professionals on the World Wide Web.

Our application will screen users for authorization on two levels, allowing them to search for existing client information, update current client information, and add new client information on a common intake record storing basic demographic data. Additionally, a subset of authorized users will have additional privileges to read and write to a global client contact record, tracking client contacts with the social service network across agencies.

The successful applicant will have:

  1. Experience with Hypertext Markup Language and the Common Gateway Interface
  2. Facility with the Perl scripting language under UNIX 3.
  3. The ability to communicate effectively with users in a high-touch, low-tech field regarding the feasibility of implementing user requests.
  4. Willingness to collaborate with other programmers on this shared project.

If you ever wanted to apply your skills to a project which could profoundly change and even save lives, this is your golden opportunity! This is a cutting-edge inter-networking application, designed to improve the quality of services to our neediest community members.

Please send resume, salary requirements and references to URL's which demonstrate your abilities to:

Valerie C. Bock
Systems Coordinator
Communities in Partnership
Decatur, Illinois.